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Lady Maga USA dedicates countless hours to Making America Great Again. Every day, whether it’s writing, editing, filming, traveling, hosting, meeting with patriots, testifying, or planning events with fellow Patriots: He’s busy. The more funds he can raise the more time he can dedicate to fighting for America.

Donations help Lady Maga USA with travel, rental cars, hotels, plane tickets, video and computer equipment, podcast and website production, and enable him to dedicate as much time as possible to saving America. One event can take days to plan. One video can take up to 12 hours to edit. Creating content takes time, energy and money. Please consider donating. You’ll be supporting a Patriot who has proven he’s out to make a difference!

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“The fight is real folks. Being fired from my job due to being a conservative I am in the need of continuous donations to continue this fight ! please be kind in support me” -Lady MAGA USA

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Lady Maga USA is available for events, interviews, performances and any Conservative activism that needs a common-sense LGBT voice. Testifying, public speaking, writing articles, creating promotional materials, and galvanizing patriots.