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The Lies and the Hate are Real. This biased article is just one example...
The recently imposed Trump Twitter ban prompted much wailing from his followers.
As per standard procedure, the loudest and most entitled Americans claimed the mantle of victimhood. One Trumpkin after another took to social media to whine about the silencing of conservative voices. Among them, Lady MAGA, an anti-gay and anti-trans ex-Mormon drag queen from Utah.
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Lady Maga USA article in USA Today
His first bullies arrived by bike, middle-schoolers.
Mormon-raised in a house that did not support homosexuality, he desperately tried to suppress his attraction to boys.
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Second Coming
How a gay kid who loves Disney princesses became Utah's most divisive drag queen.
Liberals never bothered her anyway. “This is my way of serving my country as a patriot,” drag queen Ryanna Woods says of new Lady MAGA persona.
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LGBT Conservatives? We exist.
LGBT Conservatives Unite to Support Trump
OUTspoken asked over a dozen free-thinking LGBTs to submit videos discussing their opinions on Trump, political correctness, censorship, and the current state of the Democrat party and progressive left.
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